New Age Art
The Reason Why

A self-taught artist, Livingstone incorporates elements of abstraction and impressionism to create a multi-dimensional effect. Through the use of brilliant color, he expresses the “wonder of Creation” and energizes his canvasses with a dramatic light of their own.

Livingstone explains: “I am constantly awed by the beauty of Creation. My landscapes and skyscapes express the wonder of a beautiful sunrise or sunset or the play of light on a field or river. My paintings are filled with the color and light I experience within, not just what I see through my eyes.”

Livingstone applies vibrant colors until “they bounce or sing for me.” Working in acrylic paints, he creates color transitions by placing one transparent layer over another. He often employs hues that are opposites on the color wheel; these intensify each other and even appear to vibrate. The dramatic palette has an immediate impact on the viewer.

Painting on a large scale allows Livingstone to express his inner energy while applying the paint. He uses a variety of brushes and often works from larger to smaller in order to build up texture and then add detail. Livingstone develops his compositions in the studio, sometimes starting from a photograph. He works intuitively and his canvases go through many color changes before he is satisfied. “The process itself has to excite me. I work freely and let the energy move through my heart more than the mind. When I paint I have to feel that its happening -- it’s like music when my colors start to sing.”

This artist’s work is included in private and corporate collections in the United States, Canada, Europe, and Africa.